stained glass patterns

Childhood Stained Glass Patterns


Happy Rain Cloud
Baby Giraffe
Own On A Date
Teddy Bear
Not Hello Kitty
Grasshoppers Skipping Rope
Beach Girl
Gerry the Giraffe
Baby Kat
Grateful Dead Bears
Bicycle Girl
Children Reading
Crazy Bee
Gingerbread Man
Sleeping Girl
Yellow Submarine
Moon Landing
Alphabet Block
Swedish Dala Horse

Rocking Horse Suncatcher
Baby Hand (PDF)
Cartoon Cat
Pirate and Parrot
Firecracker (PDF)
Snowman (PDF)
Happy Creature
Hello Kitty
Cartoon Duck
Easy Duckling
Darth Vader Mirror
ZGOK from Gundom
Star Wars Fighter
Star Wars Hunter
Star Wars Sith
Clown Head (PDF)
Bear on Skates (PDF)
Girl with Balloons (PDF)
Teddy Bear and Pig Mini Shades (PDF)
Cow Over the Moon (PDF)
Gumballs (PDF)
Girl with Book (PDF)
Roller Skate (PDF)
Jack in the Box (PDF)
Noah's Ark (PDF)
BoPeep (PDF)
Toy Airplane (PDF)
Rocking Horse (PDF)
3D Rocking Horse (PDF)
Pop Wagon (PDF)
Mice (PDF)
Cartoon Cat
Pirate and Parrot
Balloon Bear (PDF)
Country Kid (PDF)
Elephant with Balloons (PDF)
Riding Cowboy (PDF)
Singing Frog (PDF)
Cartoon Rat (PDF)
Happy Hog (PDF)
Toy Panda (PDF)
Frog with Leaf Umbrella (PDF)
Train Book Ends (PDF)
Race Car (PDF)
Kids in the Rain (PDF)
Train Lamp (PDF)
Mouse with Balloons (PDF)
Happy Rabbit (PDF)
Harry Potter
Hot Air Balloon
Teddy Bears
Bunny Suncatchers
Colorful Cat
Animals and Fruit
Easy Suncatchers
Hello Kitty
Hot Air Balloons (redirect)

Noah's Ark
Nursery Rhymes 2
Nursery Rhymes
Cat Love #1
Cat Love #2
Sirius the Dog #1
 My Father
 Teddy Bear
Chang Chang Chang
Teddy Bear
Magicians hat and wand
Magicians dove in a box
Mickey and Minnie mouse
Donald Duck
Sun and book
Teddy Bear
Cat Circle 1
Clown 1
Clown 1a
Clown 1b
Rainbow Crayons
School Supplies
Bah Bah Black Sheep
Hickory Dickory Dock
Little Miss Muffet
There was a crooked man who..
Little Betty Blue.
Carousel Horse 1
Carousel Horse 2
Carousel Horse 3
Baby block A
Baby block B
Baby block C
Baby block D
Cat Circle 1
Simple carousel horse paint 1
Simple carousel horse paint
Nunley"s Carousel Horses 3
Nunley"s Carousel Horses 3 with flower border
Nunley"s Carousel Horses 3-1
Posie Girl
Carousel Horse
Balloon Bunny
Rocking Horse
Carousel Horse Circle
3D Teddy Bear Collection 1
3D Teddy Bear Collection 2
3D Teddy Bear Collection 3
Hot Air Balloons
Double Rainbow
Sunbonnet Babies
Raggedy Ann Oval
Elliot the Dragon
Elliot the Dragon, Film Frame
Minnie Mouse Oval
Donald and Daisy
Superman Logo
Snowmen suncatcher
Snowmen in a row
Snowmen in a row 2
Snowman suncatcher
Nunley's Carousel Horse 3 flowers
Nunley's Carousel Horse 3 v1
Nunley's Carousel Horse 3
Nunley's 3 carousel Horses simple border
Nunley's 3 carousel horses cropped
Raggedy Ann
Uncle Scrooge