stained glass patterns

Christian Themed Stained Glass Patterns

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Simple Cross
The Returning Angel
The Lion and the Lamb
John Paul II Portrait
Benedict XVI
Easter Egg
Virgin Mary
Cross & Rosebud
Christian Fish
Noah's Ark
Knotted Fish
Praying Hands Bible Box
Madonna and Child
Sacred Heart of Jesus
Alpha Omega
St Joseph
St.Francis, the monk
Mission Church Planter (PDF)
Noah's Ark (PDF)
Saying Grace
Country Church
Cross Window (redirect)

St.Basil's Cathedral
Baroque Cross
Noah's Ark
Celtic Cross

Celtic Knot and Cross Set

Jesus Saves Peter
Snowflake Cross
 Church Round
Hebrew hallelujah arch
Lamp unto my feet
African style cross
African style SHA’B’AZZ
Elisha feeds men with barely cakes and corn
Elisha feeds men with barely cakes and corn var1
Round cross
INRI stained glass pattern
Eucharist stained glass circular panel
Pool at Bethesda
More Noah’s Ark
Parable of the sower
Station of Christ VII
Station of Christ X
Station of Christ XI
Station of Christ VIII
Station of Christ VI
Jonah and the Whale
Noah's Ark
Chi Rho
Dividic Harp
Ezekiel's wheel
Zacharias Stone
Oil Lamp
Constantine's labarum (Christogram)
Solomon's Temple Columns
Oil Lamp
Oil Lamp
StationIII Christ falls
StationIV Christ sees Mary
StationXII Christ dies
StationXIV Christ in tomb
StationIX Christ falls3
StationI Christ condemned
StationII Christ led
StationV Simon carries Christ's cross
StationVIII Women of Jerusalem
Station II of the Cross
Station IV of the Cross
Station VII of the Cross
Station XV of the Cross Resurrection
Day 4 of Creation
Light Under A Bushel
Loaves and Fishes
Mustard Seed Plant
The Day the Lord Has Made
Musht and sardines/Gospel
Rapture - abstract
Bernini oval 2 concentric
Bernini oval 2 concentric
Bernini oval round
Bernini ovals radials round
Revelations, tail, stars
DOVE pentacost, etching
DOVE pentacost, etching 2
Dove leaves rays spirit 36x60
Dove leaves rays spirit 36x60a
Alpha omega and dove round
Alpha omega and dove round 2
Alpha and dove round
Omega and dove round 1
God is LOVE
Dove and holy spirit
Burning bush
Burning bush 2
Canturbury Becket round 2
Canturbury Becket round
Canturbury north trinity aisle
Sidelight for church 1c
Sidelight for church 2c
Sidelight for church 3c
Sidelight for church 4c
Sidelight for church 5c
Sidelight for church 6c
Station of the cross XV
Station of the cross XIV
Station of the cross XIII
Station of the cross XII
Station of the cross XIII
Station of the cross XI
Station of the cross IX
Station of the cross X
Station of the cross VIII
Station of the cross VII
Station of the cross VI
Station of the cross V
Station of the cross IV
Station of the cross III
Station of the cross II
Station of the cross I
All 16 Station of the cross
Holy family round
Mother and child with birch trees
Mother and child tall
Mother and child
Mother and child round
Cross 4 squares 1
Cross 4 squares 2
Cross 4 squares 3
Cross 4 squares 4
Cross Shavei Zion simpler 1
Cross Shavei Zion simpler
Cross for easter 2010
Leningrad Codex 1a
Leningrad Codex 1a2 round
Criss cross
Celtic mandala cross
Canturbury Becket window cross
Pysanky design cross suncatcher
UMC flaming cross
Interfaith 5, 6 pointed star and crescent
Interfaith 6 pointed star crescent

Three crosses at sunset and prayer shawl
Three crosses at sunset
Station XV of the Cross - Resurrection
Lion of Judah harp
Spirit waters, boat and sea
Spirit on troubled waters and sun
Spirit on troubled waters
Planting a seed for the kingdom of god var
Evangelical logo
Behold I stand at the door and knock
Evangelical logo, Gods work, our hands
Octagonal cross
Dove and bible var 1
Ornamental Cross
Chi-Rho christogram var 1
Star and seal of Judah
Chi-Rho contemporary christogram
UMC flaming cross with border
UMC flaming cross
Galilean cross with border
Jerusalem cross
Immaculate Heart 2c
Immaculate heart 2d
Immaculate heart 2b
Sacred heart 2d
Sacred heart 2b
Sacred heart 2a
Sacred Heart 2c
Immaculate Heart 3
Christian Dove, Lilies
Octagonal Cross
Heart and bible and border
Abstract cross of rectangles
Abstract cross of many rectangles
Abiding light three crosses
Contemporary cross
Cross dove circles intersected
Simple cross mosaic round
More difficult cross mosaic round
Cleome 16 stations of the cross and eucharist
Oakley baptist church front
Oakley baptist church side
St. Cecelia 3
St. Cecelia 2
Cross and shield
Dove and chalice
Dove round olive branches
Dove round olive branches 4
Dove round olive branches 2a
Dove round olive branches 2
Dove round olive branches 1
Station XVI of the cross rectangular with number
Queen city catholic church cross 2
Queen city catholic church cross 1
Stand at the door and knock 2
Separating light from darkness
My peace I give to you cross
Super simple abstract cross
10 commandments tablets
Canterburry cathedral south window cross
Canterbury cathedral window south cross 2
Pascal"s cross 2
Pascals cross 3
Pascals cross 1
Cross doves circles intersected
God is light v1
Cross and flower
Cross and flower v2
Cross and flower gg
Oakley Baptist church front v1
Trifoil crown
Trifoil crown 1
God is my shield
Mother and child oval
Mother and child portrait
Mother and child
5 Mile church dove 2a
Pascals cross 4
5 mile church dove and bible
Alpha and Dove 4
Alpha and Dove
Omega and Dove
Cross Squares Rectangles