stained glass patterns

Christmas Stained Glass Patterns

Candy Cane
Snowflake Challenge
Coca Cola Santa
Santa Claus
Holly Medallion
Holly and Mistletoe Candleholder
Gingerbread House
Gingerbread Man
Gingerbread House 3D project
Red Christmas Bow
Christmas Stocking
Christmas Candle
Christmas Fan Lamp
Christmas Bells
Ribbon Wreath
Apple Wreath
Cymbidium Orchid Wreath
The Lion and the Lamb
Christmas Ornaments (PDF)
Christmas Wreath (PDF)
Christmas Balls
Snowman (PDF)
Snowflake Star (PDF)
Snowflake with Globe (PDF)
Bear on Skates (PDF)
Girl with Balloons (PDF)
Saint Nick (PDF)
Holly and Chickadee 1 (PDF)
Holly and Chickadee 2 (PDF)
Candle Night Light (PDF)
Running Santa (PDF)
Skating Snowman (PDF)
Small Xmas Project (PDF)s
Stocking (PDF)
Santa Circle (PDF)
Standing Santa (PDF)
Snowman (PDF)
Christmas Firescreen
Xmas Lantern
Xmas Wreath
Suncatchers with Crystal Dangles
Easy Suncatchers
3D Christmas Tree
Santa and Winter Teddy Suncatchers


Celtic Reindeer

Victorian Christmas

Snowflake Collection

 Christmas Ornament Collection 2014
 Christmas Ornament Ribbon Collection
 Christmas Ribbon Candycane
 Ribbon Christmas Tree
 Santa Going Down the Chimney
 Snowflake 13in
 Snowflake 15in
 Snowflake 18in
Christmas Quilt Star
Snowman 1
Christmas Tree
Angel ornaments
Angel ornaments 2
Contemporary bells 2
Christmas Weather Vane
Christmas Weather Vane
Christmas Quilt Square
Christmas Twister Star
Easy Poinsettia
Winter trees and diamonds
Christmas tree 2008
Manger and star
Christmas scene from gospel of Luke
Star of 8 points
Super simple santa
Snow man and snow flake
Three kings, 1
Three kings, 2
Three kings, 3
hexagonal star
Christmas stockings for Sara and Dan
Snowflake 2
Snowflake 3
Snowflake 4
Snowflake 5
Snowflake 6
Snowflake 7
Christmas wreath 2008
Christmas star and hebrew star
Candle and christmas star
Nativity pattern
Bethlehem and star
Christmas candle and star
Christmas stocking abstract
Christmas tree abstract
Christmas sleigh variation 1
Christmas sleigh
Christmas stockings
Christmas stocking
Candle and holly
Holiday gift 1
Ornament 1
Ornament 2
Three matching ornaments
Holiday gift 2
Holiday wreath 2007
Creche and stars
Vit-Mar's Christmas CD
Snowflake panel
Christmas tree squares stars
3 snowmen and snowflake
Super simple snowflake
Christmas 10 pointed star
Abstract tree and 4 pointed star
Christmas wreath diagonal jewels
Christmas wreath diagonal with jewels v1
Christmas trees and 11 point star
Candle and holly landscape format
Christmas wreath 1
Christmas tree wreath
Christmas tree wreath v1
Christmas tree wreath v2
Simple santa suncatcher 2
Contemporary christmas gift
Christmas gift contemporary
Simple christmas tree suncatcher with ornaments
Simple christmas tree suncatcher
Nested stars
Easy ornament suncatcher
Snowman and broom
Snowman and bird
Christmas nested stars
Snowflake 2009
Three Kings, King 1 Oval
Gift 2010 Round
Christmas Star 2010 1
Christmas Star 2010 3
Mother and Child Oval v 1
4, 5, and 6 Pointed Star
Mother and Child tall format
Moorish Christmas Star
5, 6, 7 and 8 pointed Stars
Snowman and Doggie
Snowman and Kitty
Four Snowman Package
Snowman Suncatcher 2
Gift Doggie
Five 6-pointed Stars Mandala
Tree Star Moon Mandala
Bells and Holly
Prairie Christmas Tree
Prairie Christmas Tree 2
Simple Santa 3
Simple Santa 4
Three 8-point stars no border
Holy family Round
Easy Angel Choir Oval
Alphabet Stocking suncatchersl
Christmas Tree Quilt Stained Glass
Easter Bunny
Santa, Old Fashioned (redirect)
Santa Bearing Gifts (redirect)
Sleigh Ride (redirect)
6 five pointed stars and jewels
Revelation of the Magi
Christmas star 2010 2
Christmas star 2010
Christmas tree star mandala
Bells and holly mandala
Three kings oval
Gift 2010
Prairie Christmas tree
Christmas tree quilt 1
Easy angel choir oval
Easy nativity ornament
Snowflake angel
Christmas star angels
Little town of Bethlehem