stained glass patterns

Easter/Passover Stained Glass Patterns

Birth of Easter Egg
Birth of Easter Bunny
Easter Bunnies
Easter Egg
Easter Ducklings
Easter Bunny
Easter Egg
Easter Egg
Easter Bunny (PDF)
Easter Dog (PDF)
Duckling (PDF)
Easter Basket with Eggs and Rabbit (PDF)
Easter Wreath (PDF)
Easter Fan Light (PDF)
Easter Maiden (PDF)
Bunnies (PDF)
Harry Bunny (PDF)
Egg with Bow
Bunny Holding Eggs
Egg and Flowers
Egg Basket
Easter Cross
Bunny and Egg
Easter Cross
Egg and Bow
Easter Chick

 Easter Egg Set 2015
 Easter Eggs
Vit-Mar's Holiday CD

Cross & Flowers 1
Easter Lilies
Easter Lilies
Easter Lily Cross 1
Cross & Tulips
Palm Sunday 1
Palm Sunday 2
Hot heart garden stepping stone mosaic
Hot heart and squares
Hearts and squares variation 1
Easy stained glass easter egg floral
Easter egg alphabet stained glass D
Easy stained glass easter egg of cross
Easy stained glass easter egg 11
Easter egg alphabet E
Cross and Leaves
Good Friday cross
Easter cross 1a
Easter egg hatching chick
Stained Glass Easter Egg v1
Stained glass Easter Egg Suncatcher