stained glass patterns

Easy/Beginner Stained Glass Patterns

Simple Flower
Diamond Alley
Simple Cross
Five Branches
Remember The Seventies
Deux Petits Iris
Tumbling Blocks
Tahitian Pearls
Plumps Lips
Soylent Green
5 O'Clock Train
Turn Turn Turn
Happy Dippy
I Lost My Sanity
Final Frontier
Easy Daisy
Easy Hexagon
Easy Victorian
Easy Pansy
4 Easy Ones
4 More Easy Ones
Easy Butterfly
Power Tie (PDF)
Suncatchers with Crystal Dangles 1
Suncatchers with Crystal Dangles 2
Christmas Suncatchers
Halloween Suncatchers
Bunny Suncatchers
Geometric Hearts
Tulips, Apples
Floral Rings
Night Light Templates
Quilt Squares
Easy Animals and Fruit
Freeform Florals
Children Suncatchers
3 easy patterns
Easy Duckling
Suncatchers/Night Lights (redirect)
Garden Bugs (redirect)
Butterflies (redirect)
Stylized Tulip Panel (redirect)
Summer Buddies Suncatchers (redirect)

Little Moreton Hall

First Lead Came
Easy daisy stained glass
Easy stained glass trees
Easy stained glass trees variation
Easy bird of paradise
Allen Kenoyer's Easy Patterns
Simple Star
Easy Tulip
Easy Sunset
Simple Star
Suncatchers 1
Suncatchers 2
Suncatchers 3
Suncatchers 4
Quilt Squares
Easy Victorians
Birds and Flowers
4 Floral Ovals
Stylized Tulips
Double Rainbow
Dolphin and Orca Circles
Vit-Mar's Easy Patterns CD
Easy Bird of Paradise
Easy Poinsettia