stained glass patterns

Trees & Foliage Stained Glass Patterns

Fetching Acorns
Art Nouveau Apple Tree
Grape Vine
Bay Leaves
Bird and Magnolia
Cherry Tree
Pussy Willow
Birds in Apple Tree
Pine, Northern Lights
Pine Cone
Oak Leaves Round Window
Easy Acorn Candleholder
Oak Leaves Lamp Shade
Gingko Border Shade
Gingko Conical Shade
Rosette of Leaves
Witch Hazel
Bluebird in apple tree
Georgia Pines
Maple Leaves
Grafted Cactus
Tree at Sunset (PDF)
Houseplants (PDF)
Leaf (PDF)
Cactus with Bloom (PDF)
Acorns and Oak Leaves (PDF)
Maple Leaf (PDF)
Banana Tree

Four Seasons

Lemon Tree, Maple Leaves, Mountain Ash, Black Locust Blooms, Peach Blossoms, Peach Tree, Pear Tree, Starfruit Tree, Sweetgum.Tulip Poplar

 Bamboo Freeform
 Cherry Tree
 Fall Maple Leaves
 Mountain Tree
November leaves
Allen Kenoyer's
Ivy Firescreen
Bamboo Window
Rocky Mountain Aspens
Winter Tree, Oval
Tree Against Sunset
Saguaro Sunset Circle
Bullrushes (cattails) and Dragonfly
Left:maple leaf tryptic
Center:maple leaf tryptic
Right:maple leaf tryptic
Easy stained glass trees
Easy stained glass trees variation
Pine cones and plain border
Pine cones and paisley border
Maple leaf mandala v1
Simple maple leaf mandala
Stone and Birch Trees
Olive tree 1