stained glass patterns

Valentine's-Day/Love/Hearts Stained Glass Patterns

Broken Hearts Mended
The Classroom
Everything I Love Reminds Me Of You
My Heart Is True
Heart Aflutter
Let's Heart Together!
For The Love of Scotland
Celtic Heart
Rudolph Remembered
By Love Bound
Valentine Frame
Eternity Ring
Love You Always
Intergalactic Love
Circle of Love
Bound Hearts
Rossetti's Lovers
Heart Fern
"I love you" in sign language
Heart 1
"Be Mine" Valentine
Double Heart (PDF)
Hears Notepad Holder (PDF)
Frame with Heart (PDF)
Iris Heart (PDF)
Heart (PDF)
"I Love You" (PDF)
WovenHearts (PDF)
Heart Hoop (PDF)
Geometric Suncatchers
Many Hearts
Winged Heart
Heart and Rosebud
Male Female Symbols
Cupid's Arrow
Handshake Heart
Ying and Yang
Valentine 8
Four Hearts
Two Hearts Interwined
Large Heart
Male Female Hearts

Heart Collection
Winged Heart
Mosaic Heart
Eyes of love 2
Eyes of love 1
Gothic Heart
Seven Hearts
Knit and Heart
Quilt Heart
Love heart
Victorian hearts
Heart Springs
Valentine 2011
Aaron's stained glass geometric valentine
American sign language valentine
Hearts melting like wax
Cupid with Heart (redirect)
Geometric hearts and border
Open book and Heart
Butterfly octagon heart
Heart flower circle butterfly
Heart flower butterflies F
Golden Hearts -4
Ornamental alphabet LOVE
Hearts and tulips 1
Hearts and tulips 2
Hearts and circles
Hearts and circles a
Crazy hearts
Pure in heart
Pure in heart 1
Three hearts intersected
Victorian Hearts
7 lucky hearts
Heart springs
Heart springs 2
Heart quilt glass 1