stained glass patterns

Stained Glass Patterns - Womanhood

Itchy Foot
Reclining Nude
Lady & Siamese
Mean Aunt Janet
Female Nude
Demeter and Persephone
Erté Fashion Drawing
Red Hat Society
Jane Burden Morris I
Jane Burden Morris II
Rapanui Girl (Easter Islander)
Flapper Girl
High Heels Oval
Fancy Heels
Canvas Sandals
Flowered Hat
Art Nouveau Profile
Luscious Lips Smile
Lady with Flowers
Balinese Dancer
Flip Flop Beach
Shamisen Player
Circasienne Dress
Louis XVI Court Dress
The Lady and the Unicorn
Egyptian Musicians
Hula Dancer
Bicycle Girl
Sleeping Girl
Funny Face 1
Funny Face 2
Crystal Ball/Gypsy
Ballerina #1
Ballerina #2
Bird Girl, Garden of Good and Evil
1930s Fashion
Nine Lives Cancer Survivor
Breast Cancer Fundraiser
Breast Cancer Suncatcher
Woman in Hat
By the Beach
Long Hair
Girl with Balloons (PDF)
High Heels (PDF)
 Wedding Rings
Red Shoe 1
Purple High Shoe 1
Think Pink 1
Low Boot 1
Brown Shoe 1
Black Shoe 1
Black Slipon 1
Dark Blue Shoe 1
Red Fancy Shoe 1
Sandal 1
Knee High Boot 1
Small Black Boot 1
Handbag 1
Handbag 2
Handbag 3
Handbag 4
Handbag 5
Handbag 6
Handbag 7
Handbag 8
Handbag 9
Handbag 10
Handbag 11/a> Handbag 12
Woman with Hat and Calla
Jester, Princess
Melancholy (redirect)
Ribbon DNA breast cancer design

 Baby Feet
 Bride and Groom
 Yes Wedding Dress
Guardian of the Gate
Spirit Women
Rainbow Ladies
Belly Dancer
Rapture (small version)
Rapture (large version)
Eyes Have It
So Funny
Party Girl
Les Femmes
Vit-Mar's Nudes
Vit-Mar's Woman CD
Old Fashioned Hat Floral Border
Old Fashioned Hat no Border
Old Fashioned Hat
Mothers with HIV-AIDS
Breast cancer ribbon mandala